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Amber Figurines  There are 23 products.

Amber figurines will fill Your home with warmth and cosiness, will give You some joy in Your eyes; it can be a great gift, a souvenir reminding the Baltic Sea for a friend ar a colleague. We offer a lot of playful, artistic amber figurines, little angels, small boats, planes or various animals that can elate the collectors.

Little cognac color amber ship with clear amber nugget basis.
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14,00 €
A transparent and matted color boat of the yellow amber and the aged wood pedestal.
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135,00 €
A unique boat of the yellow amber and the aged wood pedestal.
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78,00 €
An expressive ripe cherry colored amber carving - an iguana. It is like a tiny dinosaur that has prepared for an afternoon sleep on a sun-heated stone. Mysterious and attracting by its peacefulness. Foreign scientists who made a research on the animal psychology, discovered that iguanas differ from other animals with an extremely high intellect.
339,00 €
Clear amber sails, cognac-colored amber ship side and a natural amber nugget basis. Amber color and shape may vary.
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164,00 €
Amber figurine with a form of a fish. Maybe this fish will help Your wishes come truth?
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250,00 €
Gently polished, white amber figurine - an owl. An owl - is a symbol of the strong and immense wisdom.
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22,00 €
Figure of a clear yellow amber form.
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57,00 €
An elephant figure made from yellow clear amber.
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82,00 €
Small elephant form figure made from yellow amber
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64,00 €
Yellow amber figure - elephant.
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47,00 €
Yellow amber figure - dog form.
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102,00 €
Elephant form mini amber figure
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110,00 €
Clear yellow amber cancer figure
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87,00 €
Clear yellow amber puppy form figure.
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59,00 €
White amber elephant form figure
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42,00 €
White amber, fish form figure
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212,00 €
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