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In a wide assortment of necklaces even the most fastidious will make one’s selection. Necklaces of small amber pieces will be liked by those who love simplicity, the transparent yellowish amber necklaces will warm the ones who are looking for warmth, the luxury lovers will discover the diamond grinding amber, and the playful colourful beads will endow optimism.

Amber necklace made of cognac color amber.
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212,00 €
Light yellow necklace made from natural amber. Amber gets bigger from top to bottom.
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555,00 €
Deimantinio šlifavimo gelsvo gintaro karoliai "Saulėlydis". Šis gintaro apdirbimo būdas vėriniui suteikia prabangos bei elegancijos įspūdį, užburia romantika. Karoliukai į apačią didėja, juose galima pastebėti tamsaus gintaro spalvos.
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449,00 €
Yellow natural amber necklace "Sunshine". Amber gets bigger from top to bottom.
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598,00 €
Cylindrical, minimally polished pieces of amber are strung in to a neklace with a magnetic clasp. Suitable for both - men and women.
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84,00 €
Unique neklace made of amber.
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198,00 €
The necklaces is made of cognac color amber pieces and it will suit for any occasion. Polished amber beads are shiny and beautiful.
338,00 €
Natural black and yellow amber necklace, strung from Baltic amber pieces.
355,00 €
Baltic amber necklace thread from moss green color amber pieces.
140,00 €
“Tablet” grinding the prescious drink – cognac - color amber beads. Smooth and shiny. By the moment the necklace wraps your neck, you will evaluate it.
148,00 €
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