"We are the Balts and amber runs through our veins" (E. Mieželaitis).

BalticBuy.com is an online store of the Baltic amber jewelry, which is controlled by the JSC "Gintarinis suvenyras". Our story has begun more than 40 years ago when my parents, Alma and Aloyzas Duoba, worked in Kaunas "Dailė" enterprise and were creating their amber and jewelry articles. It was already in my childhood that I have got to know amber, a constant companion of my life. When I was six years old I strung my first amber beads.

When the amber workshop of the enterprise was liquidated, for some time, my parents used to supply the articles to various shops in Lithuania and other countries. At the time I graduated from business management in Kaunas Technology University and suggested my parents to open their own shop in Kaunas. Thus, in 2002 we established the "Gintarinis suvenyras" company which, yet, successfully operates. Amber is not only a business or a hobby for my family but also a lifestyle. We honestly do that, we are interested in it, we participate in exhibitions and conferences, look for the best masters, associate with the creators, and select what to offer for our customers thoroughly. We aim for amber to become a part of your life, as well.

Why choose us?

We love amber, we know a lot about its history that counts millions of years and we can tell it all to you. We and amber are together for already forty years and it is a tradition of the family. We look for the best amber masters and we find them. We, not only look for novelties, but also foster ancient traditions. We want to sell you what you like and what would satisfy your expectations. We are ready to solve any problems encountered to your benefit. We work in a qualitative, fast and safe way.

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