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Mosaic amber airplanes, boats, sculptures, figurines. An original idea carefully conceived and made to a fine detail. Unique and high quality, hand-made piece of work.

Marble, bronze and amber composition.
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A matted yellow mosaic amber airplane that has landed on a black amber airport pavement. An original idea carefully conceived and made to a fine detail. An airplane is a symbol of tempting distances, the whole and fullness.
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These yellow and dark cherry-color amber chess were made in 2010 in order to note the 150th -year anniversary of the amber mining beginning (1860-2010, the village of Pempės, Klaipėda district). These chess are exceptional because there are just two their exemplars. One of them is exhibited in the Prussian museum in Germany.
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A goddess trying the coldness of water with the tips of foot toes. Ready to dive off the cliff into the dark sea waves.
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Sand beach, raging sea. What other associations will this sculpture, looking in the distance, cause?
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White amber mosaic ship with antique wood pedestal.
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Yellow, brown and black amber chess.
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Luxurious silver sugar bowl with a lid, decorated with amber. A handle of this sugar bowl lid - fully unblown, amber blossom of a rose.
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